Riverfront Renaissance Center for the Arts
22 North High Street, Millville, NJ 

$10 Donation See Merritt for Ticket Sales
ALL Proceeds Benefit Ronald Mcdonald House


6:00 Guitar Ensemble  
Nathan Heacox, Merritt Gant 
Song: Aura Lee

6:10 Guitar Ensemble 
Gerardo Cortazar, Rick Brown, Devon Marek
Song: Theme from the surprise symphony

6:20 Classical Guitar Ensemble 
Makenna Ash, Justin Shi, Wesley Musto
Song: Andente & Allegro

6:30 Guitar & Vocal Solo 
Grace Kudla, Merritt Gant
Song: 7 Years

6:40 Guitar & Vocal Solo 
Sophia Cook, Merritt Gant
Song: I see Fire

6:50 Piano Solo 
Zephanniah Rivera
Song: Air From Mozart

7:00 Piano Solo 
Josiah Rucco
Song: Peasant Dance & Long Long Ago

7:10 Piano Solo 
Jolin Shi
Song: The Night & The Lady

7:20 Piano Solo
Mathew Ernst
Song: Cowboy Song & A Little Bit Of Rag

7:30 Piano Solo
Madelyn Vazques
Song: River Flows In You

7:40 Piano Solo
Carson Andrews
Song: Amazing Grace

7:50 Violin Solo 
Kyara Montanez
Song: Dragon Hunter

8:00 Drum Circle 
Dakota Nutz, Sydney Morrello, Randy Paynter, Alexis Jones, Noelle Asselta, Marcos Ramos

8:10 Drums with Track
Artie Tirelli
Song: Tiempo De Festival

8:20 Drums with Track 
Ethan Dalgleish
Song: In The Name Of Love

8:30 Drums with Track
Angel Rivera
Song: Highway to Hell

8:40 Drum & Guitar 
Jack Kruger, Hunter Charlesworth, Merritt Gant
Song: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap

8:50 Drum & Guitar 
Samie Riley, Caitlyn Rivera, Merritt Gant
Song: Holiday

9:00 Drum & Guitar
Sydney Morello, Albert Hickman, Merritt Gant
Song: For Whom The Bell Tolls

9:10 Drum & Guitar
Nathaniel Hackney, Noah Hackney
Song: Flash Of The Blades

9:20 Drum & Guitar 
Paul Kroeger, Randy Paynter, Merritt Gant
Song: Satch Boogie


2017 Fall Recital & Concert

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