Merritt Gant Instructor

I have spent over 35 years of my life learning from the areas top instructors, touring worldwide, and scouring instructional materials for good guitar methods. YouTube/online tutorials can be good learning resources, but they can't listen to you play and point out how you can best improve. In fact, many of the moethods I have seen and have been taught are simply overwhelming. They are not laid out in a clear, consise way to help you apply the knowledge to the guitar in a usefull way. This is where I excell as an instructor. I have devised many of my own patterns and methodology in a way that gets you where you need to be as a player faster and easier. Allow me to share my knowledge with you and help you become the musician you aspire to be.


Online guitar lessons are taught by Merritt Gant. Video guitar lessons are custom tailored to fit your needs as a player in the privacy of your own home. Skype video lessons offer flexibility and the ability for students from beginner to advanced to learn guitar from anywhere.

What is required  

-A computer or tablet with a good internet connection.

-An email account.

-A webcam and microphone if your computer or tablet does not have one.

-If you are on a windows PC or non apple tablet you must have skype installed.

-If you are on a MAC or Ipad, facetime should be setup.

-A paypal account for payment.



-Single lessons  are a half hour long and cost $30 USD 

-Lesson packs have 4X half hour lessons and cost $100 USD



-If you have to cancel a lesson for any reason you must let me know 24 hours in advance to schedule a make up.

-Missed lessons without notice are non refundable. 

-If I have to cancel for any reason I will let you know in advance and we will reschedule. 

How to sign up

-Email me with how many lessons you are interested in.

-After communication has been established and a time has been agreed upon you will be emailed a paypal invoice. 

-Payment must be received via Paypal a minimum of 48 hours before the lesson.